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Man chat, when it comes to mens mental health, man chat is the  most recognised logo in Northern Scotland. 

With 3 years operating as a business that uses its profits to help its members. Meaning that men have a space to meet every week in Aberdeen and Inverurie, a programme of summer activities, all designed to help men beat the one of the biggest killers of men in Scotland…suicide.


Suicide prevention is at the heart of the Aberdeen based company, but prevention starts by making men come forward and talk through their problems.

Since it’s beginnings in 2020, man chat has lead the way doing this in the northeast and has been congratulated in Scottish Parliament and awarded a heart of the community award from Aberdeen City council. Changing the way many many men think about their mental health. 

If you are male and want to attend one of their meetings all you have to do is hit this link and look out for posts on when and where their meetings are…

MAN CHAT Ltd SC698639

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